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Guidance And Protection In Probate Matters

Probate is the process that distributes a person’s estate after their passing. If the decedent did not have a will or estate plan in place, the government would oversee the probate process, which can considerably take longer to resolve. Even when there is a plan in place, it might not be legally sound. No matter what your issue may be throughout probate and estate administration, you deserve an experienced attorney who can help you.

I am Jim Evans, a Virginia attorney with more than 50 years of experience representing the needs of my community. In the more than half of a century that I have been helping clients, I make sure to provide them with the compassion, consideration and commitment they deserve.

A Lawyer Who Is Up To The Challenge

Probate and estate administration matters can quickly become complicated while also being an extremely sensitive matter for the people involved. As a result, litigation frequently becomes necessary.  No matter what kind of dispute arises, I am more than capable of guiding you through the matter to a swift and efficient resolution. I have a reputation for helping my clients see the issue through a rational lens while also explaining their best legal options.

Get The Help You Need

Without an attorney to help you, your loved one’s estate may not resolve in a way that reflects their best wishes. Let me help you protect your best interests and your loved ones with my considerable experience. If you are ready to meet with me at my office in Virginia Beach, contact me by calling 757-437-9500 or emailing me here. I look forward to representing you through your legal matters.