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For an attorney with 50 years of experience in the Hampton Roads region, turn to the firm of James A. Evans, Attorney at Law, PLC. I blend my decades of practice with new ways to resolve legal conflicts.

Proudly Representing Clients In Southeastern Virginia For More Than 50 Years
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Family Law

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Business Law

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Probate and Estate Litigation

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The Attorney Other Attorneys Turn To For Help

Fifty years is a long time to practice law. State and federal laws have changed, sometimes dramatically. The Southeastern coast of Virginia has changed, both economically and politically. However, one thing has not changed in the last half-century: my commitment to provide skilled, strategic and trustworthy representation to all of my clients.

I am attorney Jim Evans, owner of the law firm James A. Evans, Attorney at Law, PLC. I have been practicing law in Virginia since 1968. In that time, I have gained an in-depth understanding of the court system in Hampton Roads and throughout the Commonwealth. I have learned innovative ways to resolve even difficult legal situations. Attorneys with other firms have sought me out when they needed mentoring on legal issues.

The American legal system never stays static, and neither do I. To do my job well, I continue to actively follow developments in the law to determine how they will impact my clients.

Representing Your Future, Your Business And Your Legacy

At my firm, I focus my practice on family law/divorce, business law, and estate and probate litigation. Each area has been carefully chosen, and I have handled numerous cases in each one.

Divorce reconfigures a family, but that process does not have to be devastating. As your lawyer, I can help you negotiate a fair divorce settlement and move on with your life. If a settlement isn’t likely, I am fully capable of arguing your side of the marriage dissolution in a litigated divorce.

Running a business can be rewarding, but staying in compliance with the law is a must.

I can help area companies form their business, pick an operating structure, take care of day-to-day legal needs or face challenging legal disputes. I understand that your time and money are valuable, and I will work with you to find solutions that minimize the expenditure of both of them.

Proactive individuals often clarify how they want their assets and property handled by engaging in estate planning. Many times, this goes well, but there can still be disagreements between potential beneficiaries that lead to estate and probate litigation actions. Whether or not a loved one left a will or set up other key estate documents, I can represent you and ensure your interests are looked after.

Ready, Willing And Able To Help You

My goal is to take on the burden of untangling your legal matter and representing you in a way that makes achieving your goals likely. To schedule an appointment, call my office in Virginia Beach at 757-437-9500 or use the contact form below.

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